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High Caliber Wildlife Control

Professional Humane Trapping, Exclusion & Relocation Service

Squirrel in house
Squirrel in living room

A squirrel stuck inside your basement drop ceiling or hiding in your ceiling rafters.
Squirrels can be very destructive and sometimes aggressive when they find themselves inside a home.

Little brown bat in house

When a raccoon gets trapped under a bird-bath and is discovered during an outdoor family party.

Thankfully this young raccoon was not injured and could be released on-premises per the homeowner.​Raccoons are dangerous animals to deal with, especially when they are injured or scared.

​A bat inside the "living-space" of your home or business.

These bats can be a health and safety threat to you, your family and any domestic animals inside the home.

Wildlife Removal

Wildlife. Is just that....WILD. Sometimes wild animals can get themselves into situations that they can not negotiate on their own.

Therefore, we offer 24 hour a day, 7 day a week response for emergency wildlife removals.

What is deemed an EMERGENCY wildlife removal?

Any time a wild animal is INSIDE A​LIVING SPACE ​ or when a wild animal is THREATENING HUMAN ​HEALTH & SAFETY.

Here are some examples of emergency wildlife removals:​

Brown bat in house