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High Caliber Wildlife Control

Professional Humane Trapping, Exclusion & Relocation Service

Bird Barrier Certified Installer
Certified Wildlife Control Professional NWCOA
New York State Wildlife Management Association
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We are a family owned and operated private business with strong core principles in wildlife conservation and humane animal treatment. No animal will ever be tortured or mistreated in any way while we conduct a removal, trapping, exclusion or relocation service.

We are fully insured and licensed through the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. We have specialized training in nuisance wildlife control & removal techniques including twenty years experience in reptile & snake identification and handling. We are also New York State certified Firefighters & Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT-B) that volunteer to serve your community. Ask about our member of service discounts for Military, Police, EMS & Fire personel.

The professional experience that we have gained through multiple faceted trainings in building construction, personal & property safety & security, health concerns, Zoonotic diseases, local laws, ordinances and procedures assist us in offering the best solution for your wildlife conflict. Every service will be done with pride and professionalism. It is our nature to resolve issues, so know that you are in the right hands.

About our employees

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High Caliber Wildlife Control is a local business that knows first hand what it is like to live in close proximity to native wildlife within our beautiful community. All of our neighboring species play an important role in our ecosystem. Everything from a Little Brown Bat to an extra large Woodchuck matters. They are all fascinating & majestic in their own ways.

On the other hand, when the local wildlife and us locals get too up close and personal for comfort, it does not always go well. It can be anything from an opossum damaging garbage cans, groundhog under the deck, snakes in your basement, geese leaving droppings on your property, rabbit eating all your garden fruits & vegetables, turtle in your pool, moles & voles destroying your lawn, bat flying around your house, squirrel in your attic or even a mother raccoon with her kits (young) nesting on your fireplace chimney damper smoke shelf.

The above situations are all too common on Long Island and you have either experienced a similar one yourself or know someone who has. Even if you have never been up close and personal with wildlife before, today you are here because you need assistance to properly remedy a human-wildlife conflict you are encountering.

Rest assure you have come to the right place. Because here at High Caliber Wildlife Control we help solve your nuisance wildlife and pest control problems in the most efficient, expedited and humane way possible.

Give us a call today to help us help you.

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What to Expect when you call

Assess the Situation

We will go over your nuisance wildlife issue, question or concern.

Then we will schedule

an inspection for your property, home or

building as needed.

Site Inspection/Set up

After completing the scheduled inspection,

we will go over the recommended solution

to your issue. With your approval we will put the selected methods and services in action.

Professional Follow Up

After completing the requested services,

we will reinspect the property, home or building. We will then provide a follow up phone call or email to verify that the requested services were completed professionally and to your satisfaction.

A Word About Our Company