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Dead Animal Removal

  • Dead animal stuck in fence
  • Dead animal on porch
  • Dead animal in garage
  • Dead animal in shed
  • Dead animal in garden
  • Dead animal in attic
  • Dead animal on tennis court
  • Dead animal in soccer goal
  • Dead animal in netting
  • Dead animal stuck on fence
  • Dead animal stuck on gate
  • Dead animal on lawn

Dead animal removal from Public Property


Southampton Office

It can be quite disruptive when the foul smell of a dead animal fills up your home or property. Such smells can last for several weeks in the summer to several months in the winter. These foul odors can be an irritant for people with respiratory infections & diseases such as COPD and Asthma. Because natural decomposition produces relatively large amounts of heat and fluids; bacteria and mold start to grow at an exponential rate. Not only does the deceased animal need to be removed, but any contaminated areas should be sterilized, neutralized and decontaminated as soon as possible.

Something else to remember is that the rancid smell is not your only concern. Parasites on and within the deceased animal now have to find a new food source. The longer the animal is deceased on your property, in your house or building; the longer any ticks, fleas and other parasites have a chance to locate a new host. So the key to sanitary removal of dead animals is to call sooner than later and not to handle it yourself unless you have the proper personal protective equipment and breathing apparatus with approved filtration cartridges that are necessary for your wild animal removal situation.

There are currently no free deceased animal removal services for private properties in Suffolk County, NY. Your local municipalities will only remove deceased wildlife from public property or roadways (see below). Deceased wildlife removal costs have a wide range mattering mostly on the situation and access to the animal.  We do not charge per animal as other companies may, our deceased wildlife removal services start as low as $79.00 per removal. Call us any time at (516) 366-0317 for a free deceased animal removal estimate.

We provide both large and small deceased animal removal services including:

  • Dead deer from lawn
  • Dead mouse in wall
  • Dead raccoon in attic
  • Dead groundhog under deck
  • Dead opossum in basement
  • Dead deer caught in fence
  • Dead deer in pool
  • Dead animal under deck
  • Dead animal in basement
  • Dead animal in wall
  • Dead animal in volleyball net
  • Dead deer in garden

We will remove any species of deceased animal that we are legally allowed from your residence, private property or commercial building. Deceased wildlife found on state, county, town, village or any other public property should be referred to the local municipality who maintains that location. This may include your local parks or highway department. Here are the listings for our local municipal offices.

Please copy & paste or click the associated web address or phone number to the organization you need to contact:

New York Parks Department: (631) 669-1000 or www.parks.ny.gov/regions/long-island/default.aspx

New York Department of Transportation: (631) 904-3050 or www.dot.ny.gov/regional-offices/region10/contacts

Suffolk County Parks Department: (631) 854-4949 or www.suffolkcountyny.gov/Departments/Parks.aspx 

Suffolk County Department of Public Works: (631) 852-4010 or www.suffolkcountyny.gov/Departments/PublicWorks/Highways.aspx

Southampton Town Parks & Recreation Department: (631) 728-8585 or www.southamptontownny.gov/353/Parks-Recreation

Southampton Town Highway Department: (631) 728-3600 or www.southamptontownny.gov/201/Highway

Southampton Village Parks Department: (631) 283-2066 or www.southamptonvillage.org/departments.asp?id=14

Southampton Village Highway Department: (631) 283-2025 or www.southamptonvillage.org/departments.asp?id=3

Quogue Village Highway Department: (631) 653-4498 or www.villageofquogueny.gov/highway.cfm

Riverhead Parks & Recreation Department: (631) 727-5744 or www.riverheadrecreation.net/

Riverhead Town Highway Department: (631) 727-5670 or www.townofriverheadny.gov/pView.aspx?id=2477&catid=118

Southold Parks & Recreation Department: (631) 765-5182 or www.southoldtownny.gov/134/Recreation-Department

Southold Highway Department: (631) 765-3140 or www.southoldtownny.gov/110/Highway-Department