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Opossums (Didelphis virginiana), North America's only marsupial which is a mammal whose born are carried and suckled in a pouch, is more closely related to a Kangaroo than our local Raccoon or Norway rat. Their average lifespan is only 2 years. Their body length is between 15”-20” long and weighs about four pounds and up to fourteen pounds. They are the only mammal in America that has a prehensile tail, which they can grasp or hold. Being marsupials, they carry their young in small pouches on their belly. They usually live in trees, brush heaps, logs and rock piles but are sometimes found in garages or attics. They are nocturnal animals that have poor eyesight and when threatened may make growling, hissing and screeching noises.

Opossums are opportunist eaters; they mostly eat meat but sometimes will feed on plants, fruits, bird seed and grain. They frequently raid garbage cans and are also known for breaking into chicken coups, mauling chickens and crunching the chicken eggs into small pieces.

Even though any mammal can get the rabies virus, opossums are not common carriers of the disease. So their hissing, drooling, growling and teeth showing may just be their defense mechanism and they should not be mistaken for being rabid. On the other hand, opossums have a mouth full of large sharp teeth and their bite can cause bad lacerations and/or infections. Any animal can become unpredictable when they feel threatened, so it is better to contact a wildlife professional to handle the removal of these usually placid creatures of the night.

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North American Opossum