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High Caliber Wildlife Control

Professional Humane Trapping, Exclusion & Relocation Service

A female raccoon climbing porch pillars to enter her den and tend to her young in the soffit above.

From Top Left: Wildlife Surveillance of groundhogs that were damaging a pool deck; Squirrel & other rodents accessing an unsecure crawl space; Groundhog damage to undermined stone patio; Opossum raiding garbage cans (just off-camera);

White-tailed deer frequenting a fully fenced backyard; Neighbor's house cat smelling rodent entry to crawl space

Sometimes creatures do go bump in the night. They may be digging up your lawn for insects, burrowing under your deck, raiding your garbage cans or even damaging your home or building attempting to enter or navigate through it. We offer complete Wildlife Surveillance programs to monitor or identify wildlife activity on your property, inside your building or home. ​We have special wildlife specific equipment that does not disturb the animals during surveillance. Therefore, they act as they would without us watching.

Wildlife Surveillance

A Norway rat made entry into the wall from this attached garage. Can you see the rat in the first picture?


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