Thermal image of flying squirrels

Animals sometimes hide in places harder than usual to locate, like in wall voids, cathedral ceilings or attic spaces that have no interior access. The animal's natural instinct to evade predators protects it from detection when it is bedded down deep inside your walls or insulation. This is where infrared thermography (IRT) or thermal imaging comes into play. This technology gives us the ability to meter, interpret and photograph infrared wavelengths from anything that is giving off or absorbing infrared energy (heat). When used in the right application and environment it can give a trained user the ability to locate animals inside walls. With our specialized FLIR equipment and training in thermal imaging, we can locate hidden wildlife within your home, business or even on your property.

While doing thermographic wildlife inspections, certain areas of your home or building may show inefficiencies or anomalies. These thermal signatures range from not having insulation in your walls or attic to identifying missing door sweeps or damaged window gaskets. The location and type of inefficiencies can be brought to your attention during your home or commercial thermal wildlife inspection. The identification & repair of these items will help optimize the efficiency of heating & air-conditioning your home or business, therefore saving you money in energy costs. Thermography can also assist in locating certain species of deceased animals in the right settings because of the moisture and heat animals give off during decomposition (Dead Animal Removal).

Flying squirrel aggregate nests located in 2nd story cathedral ceiling during the winter.

Example of a rodent entry under the left side french door because of a damaged door seal.

Thermal image of rodent entry

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Thermal image of squirrel

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Gray Squirrel quickly located inside a 6,000sq' home, hiding on 2nd story rafters.

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