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When wild animals take up residency within your home, you have choices on how to deal with these unwanted animal tenants.

You don't always have to trap wildlife to remove them from your home. There are many species that have natural vacancy times during the day or night, this is when they leave the comfort of your home to forage for food, water or a mate. These are usually the times we take the opportunity to install an exclusion device to the entry point(s) that the animal or animals have been using to access your home, building or property. We also do Canada Geese property exclusions, hazing and habitat modifications which are all non-lethal humane ways of dealing with nuisance geese flocks on your private property.

Most wildlife exclusions can be paired with a trapping program for a layered strategy approach to rid your home of resident wildlife. Common exclusions that we do locally are to keep wild animals like raccoon, groundhog, opossum, fox, bats, squirrels from under your deck, garage, house and out of your building, crawl space, attic or basement.

As with all exclusion, trapping & relocation services, it is always implied that the access points should be repaired by an experienced, licensed & insured home improvement contractor.

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