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Rodents are a year round problem in our suburban neighborhoods, because we are surrounded with wooded areas and a lot of natural food & water sources for them to thrive on. They find or make their way into our homes in search for shelter. With a local food & water source so close to their den site, they will start to multiply rapidly. Here is a few facts about our local mice

Wild mice usually breed in the Spring & Fall, but indoor mice breed year round. Mice become sexually mature between 6-10 weeks of age. A female mouse is gestational for an average of only 25 days before she has her litter of 3-8 offspring. Therefore, a single female mouse can produce on average over 60 offspring per year. These young are not with their mother for long after their 2-4 week weaning stage. In just under a month's time form being born, they are already on their way to find food, water and a new den site of their own. Rodents have always been known for spreading disease, bacteria and parasites throughout the areas they frequent. Do not let mice cohabitate with you in your own home, there is zero tolerance for rodents.

We offer regular, organic & non-toxic rodent control programs, mechanical rodent trapping and full home exclusion services.

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