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High Caliber Wildlife Control

Professional Humane Trapping, Exclusion & Relocation Service

Sometime wildlife can hide in places that are impossible to access by a human, like in wall voids, cathedral ceilings or attic spaces that have no interior access. This is where infrared thermography (IRT) or thermal imaging can be used by a trained user to locate these wild animals. With our specialized FLIR equipment and training in thermal imaging, we can locate hidden wildlife within your home, business or even on your property. Thermography can also assist in locating some deceased wildlife (see below).


It can be quite disruptive when the foul smell of a dead animal fills up your home and property. Such smells can last for several weeks in the summer to several months in the winter. These foul odors are an irritant for people with respiratory infections and diseases like Asthma. We remove large dead animals like whitetail deer that are found on your lawn, stuck in your fence or gates, floating in the pool or found anywhere else on your private property. We also handle removals as small as a dead mouse under a sink.

With all the money and time you invest into your property, from lush green lawns and well manicured landscaping. It is hard to understand why some people live with moles or voles destroying their beautified yards. These little animals wreak havoc and destruction in a very short time from when their presence is first noticed. ​Click here to for more information​on mole & vole control programs. 

Things to think about

Click here for more information on the species of wildlife we are licensed to handle, exclude, trap or remove from your property.

As Nuisance Wildlife Control Professionals we do more than just exclude, trap and remove nuisance animals. With all the legal, moral and technical aspects of safe trapping, amateurs should not attempt to trap without having experience or at least guidance from someone with the expertise in animal care & comfort, trap type & size, baits, trap placement and above all public & personal safety. The two most common problems we see within the wildlife removal industry are the DIY "do-it-yourself" person or unlicensed "help". They both usually go to the local hardware store or big box depot to buy a "cure-all" home remedy or their very own set of consumer grade traps. Some home remedies are illegal to use on wildlife species and more importantly can be fatal to humans or domestic animals if used inappropriately.

Even if they purchased a proper trap for the suspected nuisance species, things may start go wrong from here. Because they may catch something with their new trap, but is it the target animal or their neighbor's cat? If they do catch the raccoon that they thought was in their attic, now what? This is the time they usually call a professional to come over and take it away. Remember to always verify if it is legal to trap the species in question and that most of the time it is illegal to transport or translocate a trapped animal without appropriate licensing and permission through the NYS DEC and/or local Dept. of Health. You and your family's safety and well being always comes first, so do not take the chance. Below are some of the many services we provide, click the headers for more information.

Click here for information on wildlife exclusions that can make your home, business or property wildlife proof or wildlife resistant