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High Caliber Wildlife Control

Professional Humane Trapping, Exclusion & Relocation Service

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    Need a service plan?


Ask about our seasonal or yearly nuisance wildlife plans for your home, property or business.

Why wait for a wildlife problem to fully develop when you could have prevented further damage with regularly scheduled inspections of your house, yard or building. We can check for wildlife and alert you of any other issues we identify.

  • Rodent Exclusions
  • Thermal Wildlife Inspections
  • Bat Removal & Bat Proofing
  • Bird Barrier Certified Installer
  • Raccoon Removal
  • Snake Removal & Proofing
  • Full Home Exclusions
  • Mole & Vole Control
  • Squirrel Removal
  • Rat & Rodent Control
  • Deck & Shed Barriers
  • Opossum Removal
  • Pigeon & Crow Control
  • Canada Geese Control
  • Live Trap Video Surveillance
  • Relocation of Wildlife
  • Dead Animal Removal

Only environmentally "Green" methods and practices are used.

NO Pesticides, NO Chemicals and absolutely NO Toxic substances are ever used to poison, deter or remove nuisance wildlife species.

We offer thermal imaging scans for wildlife within your home, business or commercial structure.

    Fully Licensed and Insured.


High Caliber Wildlife Control is a New York State licensed and insured private Nuisance Wildlife Control Company. We take your personal needs and concerns into consideration while making your home, property or business safe in the most efficient and humane way possible.

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